Create Your Minecraft Server

The goal is simple:

When we were first trying to learn how to setup a Minecraft Virtual Private Server, we found it difficult to locate all of the information needed to get our own server up and running.  This was frustrating, so we wanted to create a place where someone new to hosting their own Minecraft server on a Virtual Private Server could come and follow some basic steps to start playing online Minecraft with their friends.

Your friends, your world, your way!


That’s all!

Sure, there are Minecraft server hosting companies that host cookie-cutter instances. Or, you could simply host an insecure and unreliable server from your bedroom.  Both of these solutions will work just fine.

But if you want to get your hands dirty and create your server from nothing, then follow along!

The steps and concepts really are easy, and you’ll be logging in only to be blown up by a Creeper in no time!

Let’s get started!